Encumbered Drum

A Short Film

A Short Bucharest Film by Neal Gruer & Alexandra Vogel.

Neal Gruer is a Scottish-Ghanaian photographer based in Bucharest. Alexandra Vogel is a Bucharest-born film-maker. Together, they filmed this homage to Bucharest, the capital of Romania, as a compliment to Neal's accompanying book, Trotuar

The Drum of the title has meanings in both Romanian and English. In English, Drum refers to the rhythm of the city. In Romanian, Drum means “route” or “way”, referring to the lengthy journey of the city itself and its inhabitants within.

Music: Prélude in F Sharp Minor composed by George Enescu and performed by Raluca Știrbăț © Hänssler Classic, 2015. Used with permission.

© Neal Gruer & Alexandra Vogel 2019. All Rights Reserved.

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